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A New Home…

After a bit of a break from this blog I’ve purchased my own domain http://timkenington.com

This blog will no longer be updated so please update your links and/or feeds.

Looking forward to producing some new posts!



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Melbourne Is Melting!

I thought I would take note (or at least, a snapshot) of Melbourne’s weather this week.

Technology wise, if you’re a Mac user you can get one of these cool weather dashboard widgets for your Mac (free!). I’ve got one installed on each of my Mac’s – particularly cool for storm watching! If you’re in Australia, you can set it to any capital city and it hooks into data from The Bureau of Meteorology.

A weather widget from Radocaj.com for Mac OS X.

A weather widget from Radocaj.com for Mac OS X.

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White House 2.0

It’s no wonder some politicians appear to have trouble getting things done. Whether or not you choose to believe the apparent “missing keyboard keys” hoax from when the Bush administration entered the White House, it comes as no surprise to learn the new Obama team has found the White House in a state of technological despair.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton said:

“It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari”

Maybe when Bush & co. left the building, they did so with the “good stuff” tucked inside their briefcases.

Barack Obama has been eagerly awaiting approval for and the arrival of his new Blackberry, complete with FBI designed encryption software.

The online Obama phenomenon swept through the web using Web 2.0 applications to spread his messages, playing an important role in his success so far. Obama knows the power of the web, and how integral it is to keeping the US moving forward through these trying times.

The disconnected phone lines, six year old Microsoft products, lack of laptops and restricted access to the online applications that helped his administration get this far, will be fixed up quick smart by Obama and his team.

As Sitepoint’s Josh Catone explains, Obama has millions of online followers through sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. He may be shifting into a new role now, but I have no doubt he is smart enough to employ the same techniques that made him President, in his efforts to lead one of the most powerful nations on earth.

It will be very interesting to see how the Obama administration use the power of the Internet to communicate and empower citizens within the United States and abroad.

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