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With Study Period 4 of the 2008 OUA study calendar behind us, it’s time to move onto the first period of 2009. I’m pretty excited about getting stuck into the two units I’ve chosen – Computer Organisation at RMIT; and Human Computer Interaction at Swinburne.

I’ve previously attempted the Computer Organisation unit but didn’t get to complete it, so thankfully I’m familiar with some of the material. On the other hand, I know what to expect with regards to difficulty. It’s one of those subjects that requires continuous thought and a transformation into some form of uber-programmer mindset. For the next three months I’ll be doing some serious time thinking in 1’s and 0’s – binary – working through assembly language problems.

Human Computer Interaction is of real interest and I’d like to explore this area further. The concept of blending technology with human psychology appeals, so we’ll see how it progresses.


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